Monday, November 12, 2007

The Odd Couple

Yes, Jackson?
Why does Mom call us the Odd Couple?
Well, I think it’s because we’re so different. Like right now… I’m lying on the blanket Mom gave us, but you like to dig holes to lie in.
Gosh Harvey, I like lying in the dirt, but I’m not sure why. How else are we different?
Well Jackson, when we ride in the car you get snort all over the place. Just look at your side of the car compared to my side.
But I like to put my head way out the window, and besides, I can’t help it if I drool a lot. Are we different in other ways too?
Yes Jackson, just look at where we sleep. You have to sleep with all of your toys. We’re supposed to be sleeping, not playing with toys.
Well, I might wake up and get bored. What else?
Jackson, I could go on and on, but I’ll give you one last example. Like when Mom’s trying to read… you insist on making a big ruckus with your toys. Look at me, I’m being quiet.
OK Harvey, thanks for explaining this to me… I guess we are the Odd Couple.

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