Sunday, November 11, 2007

About Harvey

His Racing Days
Sweet, sweet Harvey. Harvey's racing name is Get the Chance, and he ran 55 races, winning only one. (See his pedigree and race record here.) He ran his last race on November 21, 2006. His race comments range from "busted box, held on" to "ran into rival." There are several races with the comment "lost big lead...". Sweet, sweet Harvey.

Harvey left Florida on a hauler bound for Virginia on Friday, January 19, 2007. The hauler didn't arrive until the 21st! The weather that weekend was horrible... cold, ice, wind, you name it. The roads were icy, but fortunately, I live near the location where the adoptions were to be processed. Several other dogs were placed on that Sunday, and because of my proximity, I was asked to arrive last. Such a long wait! It seemed forever, and because this was my first Greyhound, and because he was coming to me straight from the track, and because the roads were covered in ice... let's just say I was terrified!

Sweet, sweet, Harvey. Such a gentle soul. Harvey settled in the first night and it was as if he knew he was home. Either that, or he was simply exhausted from his weekend ordeal! He ignored the cats, learned the stairs quickly, and slept quietly through the night.

Harvey is a very cautious creature. He's not a spook, but likes to take stock in his surroundings, and prefers to observe rather than participate. He doesn't have any interest in toys, but has been known to shred an unsupervised newspaper. He loves to do crazy-eights in the back yard... boy, he loves to run! He shows his love with gentle sniffing, and will stand beside you forever. Sweet, sweet, Harvey, how I love him so.

After a few months in his new home, Harvey seemed lonely for other Greyounds. And along came Jackson...

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