Monday, May 19, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Just a few photos from the weekend, which was fairly quiet. Friday night Harvey & Jackson attended a Meet & Greet at PetSmart and on Saturday they went to an environmental fair sponsored by Bank of America. The boys made new friends and enjoyed free hotdogs at the fair, courtesy of BofA!

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bon Air Victorian Day Parade

On Saturday, GPA Richmond participated in the annual Bon Air Victorian Day Parade. Bon Air is a beautiful and historic village just outside of Richmond. During the late 19th century many Richmond residents began escaping the heat of the city by spending their summers in Bon Air. It's a wonderful area.

The parade was a blast, and was especially fun at the end because everyone clapped and cheered as we walked by. The Greyhounds were a big hit with kids young and old, and all of the "resident hounds" made sure to bark their protestations!

On our way to the parade start we picked up a clown hitchhiker. He was a hoot.

Getting ready to line up.

Harvey doesn't miss a chance to relax.


Jackson spies some horses.

And we're off!

Harvey (with his grandma!) greets the crowd.

It was over all too quickly.


Last weekend GPA Richmond held their annual Spring Picnic. The hounds had a great time visiting, running, playing and napping with friends. Some very special GPA volunteers hosted the event at their home, which was wonderful (thank you Morris Family!).

Harvey and Jackson had tons of fun, and Jackson was reunited with his sisters Janie and Jewel.

Our photos from the day.

A couple of hounds hitched a ride with us to the picnic. Flying Incubus couldn't wait to see all of her friends!

Harvey surveys the scene.

Hounds having fun!

Jackson sports his new Houndstown collar.

Hooray, ice cream!!

Jackson (center) with his sisters Jewel (left) and Janie!

Here's Jello Shot Dot. She's enjoying her very first (full) day of retirement. She looks happy, don't you think?

Twister enjoys a nap.


Harvey's done for the day.

Want to see more photos from the day? Just go here here and here. Have fun!

Friday, May 9, 2008

All For the Hounds

Last weekend was jam-packed with events to benefit the hounds!

Friday night Harvey & Jackson visited with friends at a PetSmart Meet & Greet. Then, on Saturday, GPA Richmond welcomed seven lucky Greyhounds to Richmond, then started them on their way to forever homes. Finally, on Sunday, GPA Richmond hosted their annual Spring picnic. We'll post about that later. Meanwhile, here are some photos from Friday and Saturday!

PetSmart Meet & Greet

May Haul

The hounds arrive!

They're famished.

This pretty boy is SS Rio Eightball.

Here's Alkay Olbie.

This little girl is Jello Shot Dot. She went straight to her forever home!

For more photos from the day, please visit the GPA Richmond blog.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Roozer's Home!

Roozer's home! He lost quite a bit of weight, and he's taller! The guys at Iron Pig said that when they removed the old bumper Roozer popped up 2 inches! They weighed the old bumper, and it topped the scales at 600+ pounds. The back bumper (also replaced at Iron Pig) was about 300 pounds, so Roozer lost almost 1,000 pounds!

Roozer's new bumper:

Harvey and Jackson were glad to see their buddy, so we've been tooling around town every chance we get.

Unfortunately, Roozer's going back in the shop soon... Some unfortunate soul with nothing better to do did a nasty key job on Roozer. Recently we attended an event that was held on private property, and someone there keyed several cars. Roozer got the worst of it... carved on the back gate is "The Crest." The carving is about a foot square, so it'll cost a bit to fix. Some people are stupid.

Look back here soon for photos from the annual GPA Picnic. Harvey and Jackson had so much fun, and Jackson got to see 2 of his litter mates, Jewel and Janie!!