Friday, May 9, 2008

All For the Hounds

Last weekend was jam-packed with events to benefit the hounds!

Friday night Harvey & Jackson visited with friends at a PetSmart Meet & Greet. Then, on Saturday, GPA Richmond welcomed seven lucky Greyhounds to Richmond, then started them on their way to forever homes. Finally, on Sunday, GPA Richmond hosted their annual Spring picnic. We'll post about that later. Meanwhile, here are some photos from Friday and Saturday!

PetSmart Meet & Greet

May Haul

The hounds arrive!

They're famished.

This pretty boy is SS Rio Eightball.

Here's Alkay Olbie.

This little girl is Jello Shot Dot. She went straight to her forever home!

For more photos from the day, please visit the GPA Richmond blog.

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