Monday, November 26, 2007

Tiny Tots

Yesterday we represented Richmond GPA at a Meet & Greet. Our group was stationed near a doggie apparel display. Several folks visited the display with their toy hounds in tow. To my knowledge, Jackson has never encountered small dogs. Needless to say, he was very interested in the wee ones! And Harvey? Well, he could have cared less. You'll see!

Jackson spies the wee ones. Harvey's so over it!
Can we go now?Heading back home.

Jackson took a nap.
Hooray, home at last!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Names Explained

Just thought I'd take a moment to explain how the boys got their names.

Harvey's registered racing name is "Get the Chance." When I adopted him, I thought (for a nano-second) about naming him Chance, but it just didn't suit him. I had other names selected too, but none of them seemed appropriate. Then it occured to me. Harvey.

Harvey is named after the rabbit in the Jimmy Stewart movie Harvey. If you haven't seen this wonderful film, I highly recommend it. Jimmy Stewart's character (Elwood), has an invisible friend (a pooka) named Harvey. With Harvey at his side Elwood is able to find contentment in his life (as his life is), and is gifted with the ability to allow others to do the same.

My sweet, sweet, Harvey. Oh, how he adds peace and magic to my life.

Jackson's racing name is "Bd's Joshua." Before I met him, I wanted to name Joshua "Ralph." Ralph is one of those names that just makes you chuckle, sort of like Fred, or Elmer.

After meeting Joshua, I decided that he wasn't really a Ralph. He's too pretty. It was suggested that I call him Joshua, but I know some Joshuas, and that's all I'm going to say about that! I was really struggling with what to call him. Not long after Joshua came home, I was flipping through a biography of Jackson Pollock. I remembered one of Pollock's paintings titled "Lavender Mist" and thought about how the painting so closely resembles Jackson's coloring. So that's how Joshua became Jackson.

Now, there's a slight problem with the name Jackson, and it didn't present itself until the name had already stuck. We live in Virginia, and here there are many associations with the Civil War. So, a lot of folks ask if Jackson was named after Stonewall Jackson. I get a lot of funny looks when I tell them the story of "Lavender Mist." In Virginia, Stonewall Jackson is definitely more popular than Jackson Pollock!

Monday, November 12, 2007

GPA Membership Meet

Yes Jackson?

I'm sleepy, but am still remembering the fun we had at the park today.
It was so neat to see some of our old buddies from Florida. Everyone looks so different now, but everyone seems really happy!
I know Jackson, and it looks like everyone lucked out with awesome families!And it was neat that Grandma came to meet some of our GPA friends, and she gives good ear scritches!Oh, and we got to run in the park, but Mom didn't get any good pictures. Hmph, I know I was faster than you, Harvey!

I don't think so.I'm glad Grandma gave us some water before we had to go home.Oh, and Mom won a raffle prize. Hooray!!Are you done talking Jackson? I'm so sleepy.Yeah, me too Harvey. Zzzz.

Meet & Greet

Harvey and Jackson at the Meet & Greet.

Visting friends.
And Grandpa...
Wearing funny hats...
The ride back home...
How they spent the rest of the day.

First Timer

Harvey, where are we going?
You’ll see Jackson… you’re going to love it!

Is it far?
Not too far.

Are we there yet?

How about now?

Jackson, this is it... It's called a Dog Park.
Harvey, this is awesome!!!


The Penalty Box

Yes, Jackson?
I wish you would stop laughing at me.
I can't help it Jackson, I tried to tell you this would happen, but you didn't listen.
But I didn't think Mom was serious!
If Mom says you're going in the penalty box, she's serious...Let's review.

Toothpaste is not a toy.

Neither is the dusting thing.

And definitely not toilet paper.


Yes, Jackson?
It's really hard to understand which things are toys and which things aren't.

I know Jackson, but one day you'll figure it out.

The Odd Couple

Yes, Jackson?
Why does Mom call us the Odd Couple?
Well, I think it’s because we’re so different. Like right now… I’m lying on the blanket Mom gave us, but you like to dig holes to lie in.
Gosh Harvey, I like lying in the dirt, but I’m not sure why. How else are we different?
Well Jackson, when we ride in the car you get snort all over the place. Just look at your side of the car compared to my side.
But I like to put my head way out the window, and besides, I can’t help it if I drool a lot. Are we different in other ways too?
Yes Jackson, just look at where we sleep. You have to sleep with all of your toys. We’re supposed to be sleeping, not playing with toys.
Well, I might wake up and get bored. What else?
Jackson, I could go on and on, but I’ll give you one last example. Like when Mom’s trying to read… you insist on making a big ruckus with your toys. Look at me, I’m being quiet.
OK Harvey, thanks for explaining this to me… I guess we are the Odd Couple.