Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Day of Outtakes

Ever have one of those days when nothing turns out as you'd planned? Well, today was one of those days, at least when it comes to photography.

This morning we headed up to Church Hill to look for period decorations. Some of the homes are so beautifully decorated, many with Victorian themes. I took a few photos, but none of them turned out... even the pictures of the dogs were a bust. Believe it or not, these are the best of the bunch.

This afternoon was no better. We tried to get a holiday photo of the hounds. Every photo, and I do mean every single one, qualified as an outtake.

So, no keepers from the day, but lots of goofball shots!

And this is out it ended.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Fun

Today Harvey and I took a stroll through our neighborhood's annual holiday celebration, "Christmas on MacArthur." It's a "small town" event, and one of the things that makes Bellevue so endearing.

We saw lots of dogs, including a Labradoodle...

...and a Deerhound!

Check out Santa's reindeer!

Harvey and our new neighbor, Jackson.

Our last stop on MacArthur was at the Pampered Pets table for peanut butter treats!! We couldn't wait to get home to share them with Jello, Jimmy, and Jackson.

Jackson's anticipation was palpable.

Mom, hurry up!

Jello shows the boys how it's done.

The treats were a hit.

This afternoon I finished trimming the tree, with a little help from my constant companions, Jimmy and Jackson.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!