Saturday, April 24, 2010

Seeking Long-Term Relationship

Meet Cal!

The folks over at The Greyhound Project are producing a series of PSAs to promote Greyhound adoption. Here's the first of the series!

Don't you just love his Roman nose? There's more about Cal here. Good Boy, Cal!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Everyone Has a Twin

Has anyone ever told you that they saw your twin? Well, last month I saw Jackson's!

Don't ask why, but I was perusing the Croftview Kennels Greyhound adoption website. Croftview Kennels is just outside of London... England. Anyway, they have a feature called "Kennelhand's Choice", where one of the kennel hands chooses a Greyhound that they feel is most deserving of a new home. Last month's dog was Minnie, pictured below.

Minnie had the same anxious half moon eyes that Jackson had on his adoption day (below). And Minnie is about the same age as Jackson, so they are now the same silvery gray.

Here's Jackson now.

Don't they look like twins??

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Metro Richmond Pets Savers

Hi! Thought we pop in to tell everyone about Metro Richmond Pet Savers (MSRP). Local adoption groups (including GPA Richmond) are working together to promote MSRP and participate in the Adopt-A-Thons.

The first Adopt-A-Thon event was held at a local Petsmart. It was a fantastic day and resulted in over 50 adoption applications!

Getting things organized.

Here's Honey from Ring Dog Rescue.

This little guy stole my heart.

Film at 11!

The board says it all. What a great day!

If you're in the Richmond area, we hope you'll drop by for the May Adopt-A-Thon. Details are here!

Earlier this month we spent the day at Easter on Parade, which is a great time for pets and people alike!

The gang is ready to go.

Here's GPA Richmond's booth.


Our Greyhounds received lots of attention.

Pet Bonnet contestants.

Jimmy and Jackson.

Also this month... our Stony Point walk.

Last week some newly retired dogs arrived from Florida. Here are Jo and Diego.

Blaze, who is available for adoption!

And finally, some pictures from our neighborhood. It's so beautiful at this time of the year.

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!