Thursday, April 22, 2010

Everyone Has a Twin

Has anyone ever told you that they saw your twin? Well, last month I saw Jackson's!

Don't ask why, but I was perusing the Croftview Kennels Greyhound adoption website. Croftview Kennels is just outside of London... England. Anyway, they have a feature called "Kennelhand's Choice", where one of the kennel hands chooses a Greyhound that they feel is most deserving of a new home. Last month's dog was Minnie, pictured below.

Minnie had the same anxious half moon eyes that Jackson had on his adoption day (below). And Minnie is about the same age as Jackson, so they are now the same silvery gray.

Here's Jackson now.

Don't they look like twins??

1 comment:

Alex said...

And they are both gorgeous.
Best wishes to Minnie, I hope she finds a home as good as Jackson's ;-)

Ps- Funny, I troll other greyhound rescue group's "available" pages sometimes too.