Sunday, June 1, 2008


Last weekend we stopped at Petco for the monthly Meet & Greet. We had fun trying on the latest outdoor wear and meeting new friends. Chuck, who is another adopter, spotted a toy that he thought Jackson would love. Boy was he right!!

Harvey goes nose to nose with a new friend.

Twister (Chuck's boy), tries on a flotation vest.

Harvey models the latest rainwear. Fish sticks anyone?

Twister's ready for baseball.

Here's Jackson's buddy Chuck with Twister and Cleo.

Hey everybody, what's over there?

Now, here's the toy Chuck selected for Jackson... I'd say he loves it, don't you? It's name is "Tribble."

Jackson carries Tribble everywhere.

Even Harvey, who doesn't care for toys, gave Tribble a try. That was a first!! Thanks Chuck!

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Anonymous said...

Tister looked good in the life jacket but I'm not too sure about the "Bubba" hat. I'm really glad Jackson liked his Star Trek "Tribble"