Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jackson - First Year

Jackson's first "Gotcha Day" was Monday! Jackson ran his last race on 4/13/07, left a Jacksonville FL track kennel on 6/15/07, and was adopted by me on 6/16/07!

What a wonderful first year it's been... Jackson is a big, goofy, happy hound, and is a great Greyhound Adoption Ambassador!

Here are a few things I've learned (and love!) about Jackson:
  • Jackson's chin is the color of bubblegum.
  • Jackson loves to play fetch. In fact, I think he's a Lab in a Greyhound's body. He's always carrying his toys (and other "finds"), except when he's sleeping.
  • Jackson's a velcro dog... wherever I go, he's right by my side.
  • Jackson's always surprised and sometimes frightened by his own flatulence.

Happy Gotcha Day!!

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