Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scooper Bowl XVI

Hi Everyone! Harvey and Jackson (and me!) were really busy this week! Here's a recap...

Yesterday we went to Scooper Bowl XVI, which was hosted by the Science Museum of Virginia. We went last year too, just one week after Jackson's adoption! When we attended last year Jackson had to quickly learn steps, as we had to walk down two flights to reach the Meet & Greet area. This year he took the steps like an old pro.

There were lots of kids at yesterday's event (I know, duh!), and Jackson's favorite food... ICE CREAM!! We had a great time, and I hope we can go again next year.

The FETCH a Cure hounds were in attendance!

On Friday we stopped by PetSmart for one of GPA-RVA's monthly Meet & Greets. It was cool enough to stay outside, and we met Duke and Duchess for the first time!

Duke and Duchess.

Check out this brave puppy!

And on Wednesday, Belle's family invited Harvey and Jackson to a play date at her house, which has an acre of fenced-in grass! Jello and her dad came along for the ride. Many thanks to Belle's mom and dad for hosting the play date, and to Jello's dad for taking these cool pictures! Harvey and Jackson had a blast!!

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Trina said...

I bet the hounds are exhausted after all that fun!!