Sunday, March 30, 2014

There's A New Kid in Town

Here is our newest family member, Oscar!  

Oscar is a Spanish Galgo, and had a long journey to our home.  His story, as we know it, began when he was rescued by Baas Galgo.  

Oscar (named Waku by Baas Galgo) was found in Linares, Jaén, a gypsy neighborhood in Spain. He was all alone and searching for food on the grounds of a factory.  He came to me via The Sighthound Underground, which partners with many Galgo rescue groups in Spain, along with other organizations across the world to help Sighthounds find forever homes.

Little Oscar is approximately two years old.  We'll never know his birthdate, but we'll celebrate it 6-months after his Gotcha Day, which was February 1.  He has a wiry coat and a pretty serious underbite! We think it adds to his charm.  He's a wee-thing, weighing in at just over 40 pounds. He won't get much larger than he his now, but that's OK with us!

Welcome Home, Oscar!

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