Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oscar's Journey in Photos

Oscar's journey started where he was found, in Linares, Jaen, Spain.

From Linares, he was taken to the BaasGalgo shelter, in Madrid.  At BaasGalgo, Oscar was known as Waku.

Then on to a foster home, where he had a warm bath.

His foster family loved him very much.  ♥

Preparing to travel from Madrid to New York!

Saying goodbye to his caretakers.


Oscar's Passport.
Arriving safely at JFK (New York).
With volunteers with The Sighthound Underground (SHUG), preparing to travel to Washington, DC.
Oscar spent a week in DC, along with his travel buddy Alatriste.

Then it was time to travel to my house!  From our ride home together. 

First evening at home.

The next day, with his new best buddy, Jimmy Chew.

Playing with Jimmy and Harvey.

Post-snow nap.  :)

Jimmy showing Oscar the ropes.

And the journey is complete.  Thank you to all of Oscar's sponsors, caretakers, and especially to the folks at BaasGalgo and SHUG.  ♥

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Erica said...

I know this comment is a year and a half late, but I wanted to thank you for posting these pictures--my husband and I adopted Alatriste and I ran across them while googling him. :)