Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello from the Hounds!

Hi Everyone, we're still here, but I must confess that I have not been up to writing new blog posts. I know others will understand that the events over the past 3 months in Texas and Florida have weighed heavy on our hearts, and it must be unimaginably difficult for those directly involved. And just let me say to those folks that even those of us from afar think and talk about your efforts every day. We are amazed at how you've continued to push forward to help Greyhounds find health, homes, and happiness.

As for us, we're doing OK! Last month marked Jimmy Chew's first year with us, and we love him more than ever. Even though taking care of 4 hounds is definitely a challenge, I'll never regret the day we decided to keep Jimmy. Happy Anniversary, Jimmy!

Jimmy and Jackson.

We recently formed a Greyhound walking group, aptly called "The Around Town Hounds." Harvey and Jackson, along with their friends Jackson Follek, Howard, Possum and Brady, meet regularly to explore Richmond neighborhoods. Sometimes other friends join in, and it's been great fun for the hounds and their escorts.

Brady, Harvey, and Jackson.

Jackson and Jackson!

Rusty and Harry.

The escorts.

The Around Town Hounds - Jackson, Brady, Jackson F., Harvey, Howard, and Possum.

This past weekend we were fortunate to participate in a GUR for Chevy, who is one of the sweetest and funniest hounds I've ever met. Chevy's northern owner could no longer keep him, but the universe conspired to place Chevy perfectly with a family in Atlanta. And it seems that the family needed Chevy just as much as he needed them. And wouldn't you know, helping Chevy get to his home was just the prescription I needed too, and I have a feeling that his story lifted many hearts this week.


This little guy came along for the ride...his new home is in North Carolina!

And in closing, here's my beautiful boy, Jackson.
Hugs to you and your hounds.


Sharon said...

So glad your heart is lifted! Thank you for sharing your words and photos, as always.

Scott said...

Thanks for all you do for these wonderful hounds!

Adrianne said...

Thank you so much for helping with the GUR! You're an angel. And Chevy seems very happy to be here.

Michelle said...

Happy one year Jimmy!! May you have many more wonderful years. =)

Trina said...

Happy Gotcha day, Jimmy Chew! Thanks for all you do for the greyhounds!