Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something About Harvey

My boy Harvey turned 7 yesterday! Throughout the day I thought about the blog post I would write... about how much I love Harvey, about how wonderful he is, about how my life would be so different if our paths had never crossed... about what a great big brother he is to Jackson, Jimmy, and Jello, and how they would be so lost without him.

But instead of boring everyone with sentiment, here's a peek at the boy I've come to love so much.

Harvey "tires" easily. :)

Harvey's klutzy.

Harvey really does love Jackson.

Harvey likes meeting new people.

Harvey likes ice cream.

And Harvey really, really likes to Roo.

Happy Birthday, Harvey!!


Hiking Hounds said...

Happy Birthday Harvey, you are cutie!

Unknown said...

What a tired doggie! Happy Birthday to Mr. Harvey! :-D

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Harvey! We enjoyed reading about you. :)

genji said...

Happy Bday! You look like you know how to have a good time.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, big boy! I was reading and looking at the photos and saying that Harvey reminds me of my Apollo so much. Then I clicked on the video.

It was simply all kinds of awesome.

My two are sound asleep but they did bat their ears at the wonderful birthday roo!

Trina said...

happy Birthday Harvey! He is like Dana..she loves to roo as well.