Monday, December 7, 2009

He's a Rascal

Skiddy Urban looks sweet, doesn't he? He really is a good boy... most of the time.

A couple of months ago I bought a cute pair of shoes that I'd planned to wear over the holidays. I put them in the shoe cubby for safe keeping.

Now, we'd been warned about Skiddy Urban's penchant for inanimate objects, so we've made a point to secure remote controls, knick knacks, and the like.

So imagine my surprise to find one of my beautiful, never worn shoes in Urban's grasp. He made quick work of the heel:

Here's the funny (well, not so funny) part... the shoes were safely tucked in a cubby with a few other fancy, albeit well-worn shoes. I guess Urban decided that the smell of new leather was irresistible. Rascal.

Over the past few weeks we've been trying out new names for Urban... Oliver, Sammy, Hudson, Hawthorne, and a few others. But lately he's been going by his new name, Jimmy Chew!

PS... Can anyone recommend a good shoe cobbler in the Richmond, VA area?


Trina said...

I was just using the 'phone with teeth marks and busted screen' today and thought of dear urban. Jimmy Chew is awesome.

genji said...

Urban looks like he was sufficiently punished by having to wear the antlers :)

Alex said...

Are the antlers his dunce cap?
I think Jimmy Chew is perfect.
Either that or Chewy Louie :)

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Chew is definitely a good one. Toothy McGee is just too long. Still, he'll always be Skiddy to me.

Tom (Betty's and Rosies' dad)