Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bends in the Road

It's funny how things work out sometimes, and that it's true that you just never know what awaits you around the bend.

In May 2008 Trina asked me to tag along on a home visit for a potential Greyhound adopter. The applicant lived nearby, and since I needed experience doing home visits, Jackson and I obliged. A short time later that applicant adopted Jello Shot Dot. And on 6/18/08 Harvey, Jackson and I met Jello and her new daddy for a Greyhound play date. We had no idea that after that day everything would change.

Jello's Gotcha Day

Play date, 6/18/08

Let's fast forward... this month I found and bought my dream home, a large 1920's Arts and Crafts bungalow. Seems that over the past year my doll house sized bungalow just wasn't big enough anymore. And as luck would have it, Jello's daddy has always wanted an Arts and Crafts house too.

Next month our merged pack will take another bend in the road as we move into our new home. And in a strange turn of events, we close on 6/18/09, exactly one year after that first play date.

My doll house bungalow

Our new home

It has a lovely front porch

The view from the porch

Rooms big enough for Greyhounds

Harvey and Jackson, thank you for guiding me and for helping me open my eyes to what was right in front of me. You are my best boys. And to Jello's daddy, I love you.


Trina said...

congrats on everything! It is amazing how life takes us on a roller coaster. Jason and I met in a random course of events as well. Glad I had a hand..albeit small in the progress! The house is super cute!!! I hear it is close to my neck of the woods!

genji said...

Congratulations on the new house and the new merged family. I bet Harvey and Jackson have always wanted a sister.

Aragon greyhounds said...

Your photos make me miss Virginia-living in California the different stucco house styles and brown hills are what one gets used to. Viriginia is so pretty

Scott said...

The new house looks great! Congrats all around :)

Nerice Lochansky said...

awww! Congrats to you, Matt, Blake, and of course the pups! I love the new house- it's awesome!

Matt said...

I love you too Beauty...