Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Field Trip

Today we decided to check out two other Richmond area Battlefield Parks, Fort Hoke and Fort Brady. Both sites are near the James River, and served as fortifications in 1864. Fort Brady was used to keep Union boats bottled up north and anchored the Union line that extended to Fort Harrison.

While most of our walk was concentrated on viewing the defensive earthworks, we were treated to an encounter with a hawk and a hound dog. The hound dog was eager to protect his stomping grounds, so we made a hasty retreat in order to prevent a battle of a different sort.

Making our way to the Parks.

A view of the trail through the earthworks.

The battlefield hound dog.

Have a great week!


Trina said...

Very cool! I had a hawk munch down on a bird in my back yard..very Mutual of Omaha!

Life With Dogs said...

Beautiful pics - they remind me of Gettysburg.