Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Football Anyone?

The weather on Super Bowl Sunday was beautiful, so we decided to take a ride out to the baseball fields to run in the sun. What a happy coincidence to find other Greyhounds there!

Harvey and Jackson had a blast running with girlfriends Jello, Cleo, and Salina. And although Jackson was slightly handicapped by his muzzle, he tried his best to play football with the new friend he made that day. Oh, and his new buddy? You'd never guess that he's a little JRT. Go figure!

Are we there yet?

Harvey tests the field.

Jello and Salina.

Cleo and Jello.

Nicodemus and Jackson.

Everyone's exhausted.

Have a great week!


genji said...

They forgot to huddle. That's when everyone gets a little rest. He was probably hoping for an interception for a 99yd TD return, then straight to the oxygen :)

Maltese Cross said...

It looks like Nicodemus and Jackson had fun together. I'm glad they got to get out and enjoy some good exercise. Such handsome hounds!

Trina said...

Looks like they had a good time!

Michelle said...

Greyt pictures! Which ball field did you go to? I am looking for a place like this to take my hounds to. =)