Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grandview Nature Preserve

Greetings!  Last weekend Harvey and I trekked to Grandview Nature Preserve, along with several other members of our walking group, the Around Town Hounds.  (And special thanks to our host, PG and Sammy's mum.)

Grandview Nature Preserve is beautiful, and features tidal creeks, a salt marsh, and beachfront bordering the Chesapeake Bay. The beach afforded many post-hurricane treasures, and we saw scores of ocean birds, including Brown Pelicans.

After our walk, we stopped at Smitty’s Better Burger. Smitty’s, established in 1956, is a carhop burger joint with yummy old-fashioned fare. Everyone enjoyed their lunch, including the hounds, who all had hot dogs (sans the condiments).

Some photos from our day.

And for sweet Giles Henry.

I know you're there, just over the hill. By day you'll bound, light as a feather through fields of clover. By night you'll sleep under a warm sky, nestled in a bed made from the threads of all who loved you.

Rest easy, Sir Giles Henry. Your earthly dreams finally came true, and the memories of your mommy's love are yours to cherish for eternity.

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Hiking Hounds said...

Looks like a really nice hike. The beach is beautiful and Harvey looks very relaxed and happy. I'm sorry to hear that Giles Henry passed away. I had followed his story.