Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Day in Photos

We had 13" of snow yesterday, and today we took some time to play and survey the neighborhood.

Here's Harvey!

Cold feet.

Someone stepped on a squeaky toy.

Leaps and bounds.

Everyone's bundled for a walk.

Our neighborhood.

Heading back home.

And here's Jackson, closing the afternoon with his new best friend.

We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


Kim Morris said...

Wow...great photos! The "leaps and bounds" one is awesome with the snow being kicked up.

Life With Dogs said...

It's been a great day for Greyhound blog tours, it's wonderful to see all of the dogs opening it up!

Lin said...

Jackson and that big new friend of his crack me up! I need to post our snow pics too :)

genji said...

A romp in the yard and a walk in the neighborhood. I bet they were ready for a warm afternoon nap.

Trina said...

jackson cracks me up with that toy. Glad they had fun!