Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July - Children's Parade!

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

We started our celebration early by "marching" in our neighborhood's 8th annual Fourth of July Children's Parade. The parade is a great little slice of Americana, and the kids have fun preparing for the big day by decorating their trikes, bikes, and wagons! Of course, dogs are welcome too, so Harvey and Jackson were able to join in the fun!

Our best buddy Spencer was there, and we were amazed at his amazing cycling skills. Spencer spent the last couple of days practicing riding without training wheels, and we were mightily impressed by his abilities. Hey Spencer, better pack your bags, the Tour de France starts tomorrow!

At the start of the parade... check out the bike decorations!

Our buddy, Spencer!

Harvey & Jackson.

Let's get going!

There were lots of festive wagons.

And festive dogs too!

Here we go!

All the vehicles are parked while the kids enjoy lemonade. These wheels belong to the littlest kids.

The bigger kids' wheels.

And these belong to the biggest kids!

The end of the parade.

Heading back home.

Happy 4th... Hug your Hounds!

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Trina said...

Great parade! Thanks for coming out for our july 4th party!