Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amazing Technicolor Hound Coats

Contrary to popular belief, Greyhounds are not all gray! In fact, Greyhound coats come in many, many colors.

Some of Harvey and Jackson's friends agreed to model their colors. We'll start with the colors shown on the American Greyhound Track Operators Official Color Chart, followed by the rest of the rainbow!

Thank you to everyone who provided photos for this post... what beautiful hounds!!

The American Greyhound Track Operators Official Color Chart

Blue Brindle

Fawn Brindle

Red Brindle

Light Brindle

Dark Brindle



Black Brindle



Red Fawn


Black and White

White and Black

White and Brindle Ticked

White and Brindle

The Rest of the Rainbow!


Blue Fawn

Blue and White

White and Fawn

White and Red

Silver Brindle

1 comment:

susie said...

Dear Harvey and Jackson,
You certainly do have beautiful friends. We are honored to be among them! See you soon!
love, Rusty and Harry