Sunday, December 23, 2007

Today's Walk

This afternoon was slightly balmy, so I decided to take Harvey & Jackson for a long walk around our neighborhood. It was warm enough to go without our coats (me and the boys!).

Here are some photos from today's walk:

Notice how dark the sky is in the photo above? Well, little did I know, but a storm was just about to pass over us:

When it started to rain I thought the storm would move over us quickly, so we took cover on the porch of a vacant house. Harvey was not thrilled about the situation.

The rain grew steadily worse so I decided we should start heading back. Then it started to pour. Harvey & Jackson were real troopers, and even though we got soaked, we made it home.

Jackson recovered quickly!

Harvey needs a bit more time.

The next time we take a walk, I'm checking the weather map first!

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